digital film making

Digital Film Making
Creating a movie really brings all the digital elements together to tell your story. There are many genres of stories to tell - comedy, tragedy, documentary, etc. There are also many ways to tell the story:  first-person or third-person; live action or stop-motion. Because digital film making is so flexible, it is important to have a clear idea of the story you want to tell by creating a storyboard and identifying all the things you will need to tell the story in pre-production.

Digital Movie Making
  • Pre-production
    • Create storyboard (sample 1, sample 2)
    • Create a checklist of things you will need such as props, equipment, talent, rehearsals, location, filming time outside of workshop, etc.
    • Create a Production Schedule that identifies all production elements, including detailed info about when each shot will be filmed and when specific editing tasks will be completed.
  • Production
    • Film your movie
  • Post-production
    • Edit your movie. This is the time to load your digital video into an editor such as MovieMaker or iMovie. You will be able to take out unwanted footage or combine footage together as well as add special effects such as transitions, text and sounds.
  • Distribution
    • Share your story

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